Supporting the sports movement – the Media sponsorship of Vinnytsia Grand Prix

International cycling competitions, which are the part of the International union of cyclists, were held in Vinnytsia on June 4-5, 2016 in Vinnytsia – “The Grand Prix of Vinnytsia” (on June 4) and “ISD Grand Prix” (on June 5).




Information about the project:

Funding: RIA Foundation

Funding Amount: 25 000 UAH

Purpose of Funding: Media Sponsorship


These annual international competitions till 2014 were known under the name “Grand Prix of Donetsk” and took place in Donetsk аnd have long been the hallmark of Ukraine in the European bicycle community. In 2015 these competitions for the first time took place in Vinnytsia and received the name “Grand Prix of Vinnytsia. Counting the previous bicycle races held in Donetsk and Vinnytsia, these highway competitions have taken place for the ninth time already.

Our congratulations to the athletes in  Vinnytsia!