Introduction of the European standards in RIA newsroom

Qualitative journalism in Ukraine is one of the prior areas of work of the RIA Fund. Continuous training of journalists in editions of RIA across all Ukraine is a good tradition of creation of a strong team of media specialists!

Information about the project:

Funding / expert: Commission on journalistic ethics and Project of the Council of Europe

Recipient of the grant / of information support: RIA FUND

Purpose of the project: personal expert work with experts

“Introduction of the European standards in the Ukrainian media environment: coverage of the gender related themes”

March-April, 2015. Two coaches-experts on gender issues came to editorial office of the RIA. Together with the Ukrainian Association of Publishers of Periodicals with assistance of the Commission on Journalistic Ethics and the Project of the Council of Europe, the RIA started the deep analysis of the editorial policy.


Personal work with journalists was carried out in the intensive mode. Tens of issues of newspapers were reconsidered, the plan of work for several months ahead has been created. In the program there are meetings, conferences, seminars and practical cases. As a result, the practitioners of the RIA newsroom entered the “Guide to standards of equality”, which was published within the project!

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