EditorsCamp 2016 – Congress done!

Famous European explorers visited Bukovel and our editorial Ukrainian family camp! Well, now we can not only investigate but also use all kinds of tools, without which serious journalism is nothing to do!

Organizer: The Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine (www.airpu.org)
Financing: RIA Fund: 50 000 UAH
EditorsCamp – the annual Ukrainian Congress of publishers, editors and journalists of Ukraine (official site – editorscamp.wordpress.com)
4 days, from 24 to 28 February 2016, Marcus Lindemann (Germany) and Andrei Astefanesei (Romania) trained editors and journalists Ukrainian media subtleties of investigative journalism. Video surveillance, geo-tracking, inspiration and danger – the experience and knowledge obtained in the year ahead!


Loud arguments and questions, questions, questions – always important topics are of interest.
Each participant of the EditorsCamp talked about his experiences and, most importantly – was able to get tips and ideas for their projects from colleagues from other cities. After all, in our camp we have no competitors. There are only friends.


Exchange of experience – this is the main thing for which we are going.
Strong media – is the future of Ukraine. Understanding the importance of unity in the field of journalism, publishers each year visit EditorsCamp – the power of knowledge and communion.

A few words from the speakers:
Andrei Astefanesei (Romania):

“The format is very nice. Also pleased with the free time to training – they all had a chance to rest and relax before beginning training. I would like to do so all! Participants EditorsCamp – very pleasant and intelligent specialists. Of course, it would be desirable that the participants had more. I think together we can expand our capabilities in this area.

I would like to come next year. I have lots of ideas and plans. I want to tell more about the darknet (DarkNet), to speculate about the legality of the hidden cameras. For example, we have something to discuss! ”

Yevgeny Frolov (RIA / 20minut.ua chief editor)

“It’s great that there is the opportunity to gain experience directly from our European colleagues. It’s really valuable knowledge. Many things we use. Some instruments have heard for the first time. Definitely – there’s a lot to learn. It is unfortunate that this Congress we have every year. I would like more often. ”


What was said – in short:
– Investigation and research of human personal profile on Facebook, the social graph, and other data that are not on the surface of the web
– Googly better! Improve what you are able and know how to get the best results in a short period of time
– The practice of investigative journalism by the Romanian counterparts
Discussion Topics “round tables”:
– What is more important for people: how to define the subject of the investigation
– How to tell a story, how to plan stories, interviews and publications? How to investigate?
– With the help of which you can understand what will hook your audience in your investigations,
– How to plan an investigation. Step by step
– How to determine who our enemies are, and who – the Allies. How to work with the first and second
– How to attract readers to conduct investigations.
– How and where to publish materials that will be written / filmed / set in the course of investigations
– Organization of the team / department, which is working on the investigation
– Volunteers. As their interest that they help journalists
– Online tools and services that can be used in the manufacture of Investigation
+ Interactive exercises that help to master the strong European practice!
Join us! Let`s form strong media environment in Ukraine together!