About Fund

Public association RIA FUND is a socially active organization which works for the formation of an open and self-sufficient society, which endeavors to the formation of the civil society according to the European standards.

RIA Foundation focuses on:

Development of independent online media and newspapers, freedom of speech, journalism of investigations, educational programs, the congresses, conferences and “round tables”, to improve the quality of online media  all over Ukraine;

Development of children and youth sport, healthy lifestyle, bicycle movement, culture of run, prevention of diseases of cardiovascular system, breast cancer, diabetes, support of the local initiatives, important for the residents of Vinnytsia, Koziatyn, Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi – the cities where offices of the  RIA Fund are located.

300 hundred members form the organization, 30 of whom are professional journalists, working on the development of the existing and new information platforms. This is the union of people working for a common idea – European Ukraine.

Mass media, which are constantly supported by the RIA Foundation, specialize in local investigations and analytics. Journalists convey only the checked expert information to the audience, what, in turn, forms the correct thinking and understanding at the reader.


RIA Foundation supports a culture of high-quality journalistic investigations, freedom of speech and the atmosphere of journalistic responsibility concerning long-standing trust of information which is published, without what formation of democracy in Ukraine is impossible.

For the development of this direction, the organization initiates and supports publishing media events, trainings for journalists, expert workshops with involvement of the practicians from Europe and the Union of Independent States(UIS).

The organization supports social projects aimed at improving the socio-economic situation in Ukraine at the national and regional level, and finances such projects.

The RIA Foundation realizes both local, and international projects. We are the team of industry professionals, opinion leaders, community leaders, volunteers and just ideological people, willing to change our country!